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Alberta Canola Announces New Board of Directors

Alberta Canola warmly welcomes Jeff Frost from Olds, Alberta, to its Board of Directors. Frost is an alumni of Alberta Canola’s Leaders program. We’re confident he will contribute to the continued success of the Commission as he steps into the role previously held by outgoing Region 8 director, Ian Chitwood.

Following the 34th Annual General Meeting held on January 24, 2024, in Grand Prairie, the Board re-elected Roger Chevraux of Killam as the Chair, and elected Charles Simoneau of Guy as the Vice Chair.  
Expressing gratitude for Chitwood’s six years of dedicated service Chevraux stated, "Alberta Canola extends our appreciation to Ian Chitwood for his unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in representing the interests of Alberta's canola growers and addressing the unique needs of his region. His perspective has played a crucial role in the Board's ability to exercise sound judgment and make informed decisions. We are truly thankful for his valuable contributions."

For more information on the Board of Directors, guiding committees, and details about Alberta Canola's regions, please visit

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