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Alberta Canola Producers Commission Regulatory Review

In July 2020, changes were made to the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act (MAPA) that provides authority to Alberta’s Marketing Boards and Commissions to develop bylaws. In 2022, Marketing Council scheduled Alberta Canola to complete our Bylaw Implementation Project, which divided our current Marketing Plan Regulation into new Bylaws and new Marketing Plan Regulation. Our Bylaws were approved at Alberta Canola’s Annual General Meeting on January 17, 2023. However, as these are Alberta Canola’s first Bylaws, they do not become official until the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation approves and files the new Marketing Plan Regulation, which is expected to come into effect this summer. 

During the Bylaw Implementation Project, the Alberta Canola Producers Marketing Regulation was set to expire May 31, 2023. Our board requested a one-year extension to ensure we could do a thorough regulatory review. Working with Marketing Council staff, Alberta Canola proposes a few minor changes to align language between other commission regulations, align expiry dates to other Alberta Canola regulations, improve clarity of provisions, and remove outdated references. These minor changes are outlined in the Project Summary. 

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission encourages all canola growers in Alberta to review the Marketing Regulation Project Summary and provide feedback to the Commission.

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