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Alberta Crop Conditions Little Changed

Alberta crop conditions have held largely steady over the past two weeks but remain slightly above the five- and 10-year averages.
The latest weekly crop report on Friday pegged the average condition across all crops in the province at about 70% good to excellent as of Tuesday, basically unchanged from the July 2 rating. In comparison, the five-year average for all crops for this time of year is about 66% good to excellent and the 10-year average 68% good to excellent.
However, crop conditions are highly variable by region. In the central, north east and north west regions, crops are pegged at around 83% good to excellent. On the other hand, crops in the south and Peace River regions are at 54% and 51% good to excellent, respectively, largely due to a relative lack of rainfall.
The spring wheat and durum crops in the province were rated 75% and 38% good to excellent as of Tuesday, while the oat and barley crops came in at 75% and 76%. The canola crop was rated around 70% good to excellent, while the dry pea and flax crops were estimated at 68% and 62% good to excellent. The lentil, chickpea and mustard crops were all considerably worse, with ratings ranging from 26% and 31% good to excellent.
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