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Alberta Positioned To Be Number One Potato Producer in Canada

A new report from ATB Financial shows there could be a new "Spud King" in Canada.

Alberta is virtually tied with P.E.I. producing over 2.23 billion pounds of potatoes in 2018.

Alberta's Agriculture Minister, Oneil Carlier, says Alberta's potato production increased again this year.

"That shows how diversifying the industry is working. We're growing more potatoes and other vegetables as well, so I'm looking forward to that as just an example of what can be done here in Alberta and how important agriculture is to the economy."

Carlier says, it's likely Alberta will be the largest potato producer in Canada next year.

The report shows over the last 20 years, Alberta’s spud production is up 132 per cent while P.E.I.’s is down 18 per cent.

The new Cavendish Farms processing plant in Lethbridge is expected to be complete next fall, which the report says, will encourage even more production.

Source : Discoverairdrie