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Alfalfa Scissor-Cut Harvest Alert May 18, 2023

By Tyler Rice

UMN Extension Educator for Stearns, Benton, and Morrison Counties

With warmer temperatures and adequate precipitation, the alfalfa crop in Central Minnesota is growing rapidly. This also means that the Alfalfa Harvest Alert Project is well underway. The goal of this project is to alert alfalfa growers to start first crop harvest when the crop is at a level of quality that matches animal nutrition goals while maximizing yield potential.

The alfalfa scissor-cut alert program is not a prescription for any particular harvest date but can be a go-to decision tool for those alfalfa producers that are busy managing other crops in the rotation during one of the busiest seasons on the farm. Extension educators, farmer-cooperators and cooperating agribusinesses work together to begin collecting alfalfa scissor-cut samples mid-may until harvest.

Attached below is the scissor cut progress report beginning the week of May 14th:

You can also find up to date information on the project at this link:

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