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Alltech’s primacy in science on show at EuroTier 2016

With feed costs often accounting for up to 70 percent of production costs on-farm, it is essential to ensure farmers are getting the most from their feed. But what else can farmers do to ensure their farms become more efficient and profitable? Global animal nutrition company Alltech will showcase its latest research and innovative technologies to help farmers become more profitable at EuroTier, held Nov. 15–18, 2016, in Hanover, Germany (stand G29, hall 21).

Alltech will highlight its latest innovative technologies in the areas of feed efficiency, protein management and mycotoxin management. These scientifically proven programs are designed to help farmers achieve consistent performance, profitability and efficiency.

The Alltech® Feed Efficiency program utilises technologies that work in synergy with the animal’s own digestive system to provide additional protein, amino acids and minerals for digestion.

“Supporting the animal’s digestive system can help maximise nutrient release and reduce the overall costs of feed,” said Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, European business director for Alltech.

Protein management is essential when it comes to diet formulation. Getting rid of excess dietary protein increases the demand for energy by the animal, but diverts the valuable energy that could otherwise be used for health and production.

“The Alltech® Protein Management program makes your feed work harder so your animals don’t have to,” said Taylor-Pickard. “It provides a high quality source of protein for animals, giving them the nutrients they need to produce at their peak.”

Mycotoxins, otherwise known as the hidden thieves in animal production, are a concern for every producer. Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by moulds. All natural materials and many man-made ones are subject to contamination by moulds and under favourable environmental conditions, when temperature and moisture are conducive, these fungi proliferate and may produce mycotoxins. As mycotoxins are now regular players in feed quality and animal safety worldwide, the need for a complete program to deal with mycotoxins proactively, rather than reactively, is more important than ever. The Alltech® Mycotoxin Management program allows farmers to understand risk, minimise mycotoxin effects and improve animal profitability.

KEENAN, global Irish agri-manufacturer, which is now part of the Alltech family, will also have representatives at the Alltech stand. Since April 2016, Alltech and KEENAN have been working side by side to deliver a winning combination of greater farm efficiency and performance. Through KEENAN’s manufacturing strengths and technological know-how and Alltech’s primacy in science, farmers all over the world are improving their farm profitability.

EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, is expected to attract more than 2,500 trade exhibitors from 54 countries around the globe. To find out more about Alltech’s nutritional programs and KEENAN’s manufacturing know-how, visit stand G29 in hall 21 at EuroTier.

Source: Altech