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August dubbed "Tree Check Month" to detect invasive species in Canada

Ottawa – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and partners across North America are marking August as "Tree Check Month." Throughout August, Canadians are encouraged to check their trees and gardens, or property they frequent, for signs of insects, disease and fungi that harm plants.
Invasive species cause serious damage to our economy and environment. Early detection is always better. In recent years, Canadians have discovered some of the largest invasive threats to Canada. Pests like hemlock woolly adelgid, Asian long-horned beetle and emerald ash borer in new areas were often first found by Canadians who reported them to CFIA.
Reporting to a CFIA local office or online if a pest is discovered helps CFIA direct teams to where they are needed most and respond before pests can spread. CFIA's invasive pest cards and pest fact sheets provide information on what to look for and what to report. Those wishing to learn more about invasive pests are encouraged to follow CFIA on social media for updates on pest movements and pest reporting.
Source : Government of Canada

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