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4-H Ontario celebrates milestone

4-H Ontario celebrates milestone

Former 4-Hers can reminisce about their time at the Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp at an upcoming event

By Logan Emiry

On Sat., Aug. 17, 4-H Ontario is hosting a celebration of 60 years of the Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp (PLC).

4-H is holding the event at the University of Guelph with an afternoon meet and greet, and a dinner and dance in the evening. The youth organization is also running a fundraiser during the event: make a $60 donation for 60 years of positive youth development.

The reunion will have “something for everyone,” say Neil and Yvonne McCutcheon, two of the event co-chairs. “We’re particularly looking forward to the banquet that will hopefully bring back that camp feeling.”

The PLC began in 1959. 4-H Ontario invited its top 34 members from around the province for a week of learning and an opportunity to improve their leadership skills.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the camp grew in popularity. With the increased interest, 4-H Ontario hosted the camp twice annually with 80 members attending in both March and June.

Since then, the camp has remained at 80 participants but 4-H Ontario now holds it every second year in March.

4-H Ontario held the original camp at the University of Guelph. Today, PLC is held at the Ontario Pioneer Camp near Port Severn, Ont.

Many traditions at PLC have remained unchanged for several years making it a very special event that is a highlight of many members’ 4-H careers.

One of the things that makes PLC unique is that participants may only attend the camp once. This once-in-a-lifetime experience builds a reputation of mystery and prestige that surrounds the camp for young members who have not attended.

With 60 years of success behind it, there is no doubt that the 4-H Provincial Leadership Camp will continue to foster great camp experiences long into the future.

To register for the Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp Reunion or to donate, visit We hope to see you there!


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