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Bayer Opens Canola Seed Production Site in Cranbook

Bayer has opened a canola seed production site in Cranbrook, B.C. to manage all of the company’s canola pre-foundation, foundation, and experimental plot seed operations for Canada and Chile, an Oct. 12 news release said.

“We invested in this site because we believe Bayer must provide farmers with innovative, industry-leading canola technology and products, with the highest quality seeds to maximize growers’ yields and returns in a sustainable way,” Al Driver, country division head for Bayer Crop Science Canada, said in the release.

The release noted that Bayer and its predecessors first started producing canola seed in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia in 1996. The unique local geography, climate, and remote field locations allows Bayer to isolate and produce only the highest quality canola seeds.

“This was an important step to ensure Bayer can continue to supply top-quality canola seed to farmers through its own DeKalb canola brand as well as other licensees/seed partners,” Joerg Lehmann, Cranbrook site lead, said in the release. “We are proud of the fact that virtually all canola parent seed grown for Bayer and its seed partners originates from this production site.”

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