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"Be Patient" Around Farm Equipment, says SGI

With harvest season now underway in Saskatchewan, SGI is reminding all drivers to exercise caution around heavy farm equipment on highways and roadways. 
Tyler McMurchy, a spokesperson with SGI says being patient is the biggest key to staying safe and accident-free. 
"We do expect to see more farm equipment on the roads, given that it is harvest time," said McMurchy. "Farm equipment is very slow-moving, so if drivers find themselves behind farm machinery, we advise them to treat it like they would any other slow-moving traffic: to be patient and pass only when it's safe to do so. In preparing to pass, keep in mind that that equipment is often deceptively wide and deceptively long, so drivers should make sure to give themselves plenty of time and space to make the pass." 
McMurchy said that between 2013 and 2018, Saskatchewan averaged 3.8 collisions in August involving farm equipment on public roads.


"We do not see a high number of collisions on the roads involving farm equipment thankfully, [but] we do not want to see any. There are a comparatively high number of injuries and fatalities that result from a small number of collisions. August is also the month, traditionally, where we see the highest number of collisions involving farm equipment on our public roads, so that's something that drivers should keep in mind." 
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