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Brad Wall Talks Agriculture with Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs

The agriculture industry needs to be both pro-active and reactive when it comes to defending practices in modern agriculture.

That was the message from Former Premier Brad Wall yesterday to Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs.

Wall told the group that the Agriculture sector needs to very mindful of the same forces that moved against the energy sector and pipelines, adding that a lot of those same groups don’t care for modern agriculture either.

“The sector itself needs to be concerned about it, vigilant about it, and pro-active in defending practices in modern agriculture. I think the leading voices that give me hope that we’re going to be successful should those forces move against modern agriculture, and I guess there’s an indication that some are already, are these young farmers that are social media savvy, that are communications savvy and understand the importance of advocacy.”

He says it’s important to counter the actions of some of these N-G-O’S (non-governmental organizations) that have a misunderstanding of modern agriculture, or they do understand and they just don’t like modern agriculture.

Wall says he was honored to spend time with the Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs yesterday.

“In our province, we find more and more young farmers, very entrepreneurial. Farmers who are keenly aware of marketing opportunities, who are aware of the latest trends and are very attuned to technology and innovation that help ensure production and then sales obviously. I just think it’s a very exciting sector for Saskatchewan.”

Source : Discoverestevan