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Brandt Raises the Bar with New U-Trough Auger

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Brandt Group of Companies is pleased to announce the release of their all-new U-trough auger. The new product provides farmers with an economical option that loads product faster than a conventional auger without the additional cost and maintenance work associated with some belt conveyors. 
“Productivity is priority number one for our customers; that makes it our first priority too,” explains Brandt Industries Vice President, Sales — Dealer Channel, Sheldon Gerspacher. “The U-trough design allows us to move more product above the flighting, delivering increased capacity versus traditional auger designs while reducing damage to the crop.”
Brandt’s 1345A HP auger is optimized to take full advantage of the U-trough’s additional capacity. Its HP intake utilizes 11" flighting and a funnel-shaped hopper to improve intake efficiency and keep the 13”-tall tube full. This allows it to move up to 9,000 bushels per
hour, increasing productivity and reducing damage to the product in a wider range of conditions.
The Brandt design has been engineered to deliver uniquely powerful loading that makes fast work of heavy, high moisture crops. Its all-new driveline system is purpose-built to deliver increased productivity without requiring a larger, more expensive engine. The new
driveline eliminates the need for a belt tensioning system while reducing misalignment, vibration, and slippage.
“We started with the most efficient type of auger and — in true Brandt fashion — found an innovative way to take that efficiency to the next level,” says Gerspacher.
Brandt Agricultural Products dealers are currently taking orders for the U-trough auger, with initial deliveries planned for early 2021. For more information, contact at
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