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Brandt to Unveil High-Performance Tillage Product at Western Canadian Crop Production Show

Regina, Saskatchewan – Brandt Agricultural Products is pleased to announce the official public unveiling of the latest addition to their growing lineup of premium tillage products at the 2022 Western Canadian Crop Production Show (WCCPS).

The Regina-based company is welcoming the New Year with the announcement of an allnew high-speed disc. The WCCPS show, which takes place in Saskatoon, January 10 to 13, will be the industry’s first opportunity to see the new unit firsthand and Brandt is anticipating an enthusiastic response.

“We’re very eager to get these new units out there for people to see, up close and personal,” says Sheldon Gerspacher, Vice President of Sales – Dealer Channel, Brandt Industries, Ltd. “Farmers will appreciate the innovative thinking and attention to detail that has gone into the design; they are the result of extensive consultation with producers.”

Designed to simplify post-harvest and seed prep seasons, Brandt’s new High-Speed Disc allows farmers to effectively manage crop residue, condition seed beds, level ruts, and reclaim wetlands in record time. It maximizes producers’ uptime with features like induction-hardened chrome plate pins, composite bushings with nylon wipers, sealed disc hubs, and a total of six easily accessed grease points. The independently mounted discs feature rubber torsion suspension for consistent ground pressure, and excellent travel.

With an average weight of nearly one thousand pounds per foot, the new unit is the heavyweight of the industry, delivering the downward force and structural rigidity that farmers rely on without creating soil compaction issues.  

“The timing of the Crop Production Show is perfect for us,” adds Gerspacher. “We’re really looking forward to demonstrating how these innovative new units will deliver value for western Canadian farmers.”

Source : brandt

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