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Bumper Year For Crops On The Prairies In 2020

COVID may have affected many things in 2020, but it certainly didn't impact the crops grown on the prairies.
According to the latest crop production report from Stats-Can, production of wheat, soybeans, corn, barley and oats went up this year.  In the case of wheat, it was the largest crop in 7 years. Good weather in most regions of the prairies helped push up the numbers. Wheat production rose 7.7 percent to 35.2 million tonnes. Barley production was up more than 3 percent to 10.7 million tonnes, while oat production surged more than 8 percent to 4.6 million tonnes.
One of the few crops to see a drop in production was canola which was down 4.5 percent to 18.7 million tonnes. That is the smallest canola crop in Canada in about 5 years. That news, sent the price of canola soaring on the markets yesterday to nearly $13.00 per bushel.
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