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Canada-China Relations Remain A Concern In 2020 For The Canola Industry

Market access to China for canola seed, from two of our largest exporters, Viterra and Richardson's, remained an issue for 2020.
The Vice President of Public Affairs for the Canola Council of Canada, Brian Innes says despite the challenges they've been able to adapt and pick up other markets.
"We've seen a lot more Canola go to Europe in the last year or two, and we've also seen more Canola go to places like the United Arab Emirates, as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh. So, in general we've seen the market adapt, and we've seen producers also adapt by planting less Canola as prices have been lower."
Innes notes when it comes to the situation with China, Viterra and Richardson still do not have a license in place to export canola seed into that country again, but he's hopeful that will change soon.
"We know that Canola was targeted because of the situation with Madam Meng in Vancouver. We're seeing now some optimism that a change in the U-S administration may lead to better Canada/China relations which may also then help us regain full access for our canola seed to China.
He notes some canola seed is moving to China but overall our exports are down about 50 to 70 per cent compared to normal.
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