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Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Introduces Innovations Showcase

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Introduces Innovations Showcase

Agriculture is a continuously advancing industry. New technology, products and ideas to help make farmers more efficient and profitable are introduced every year. Over the years, many new and innovative products have been displayed and demonstrated at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The show is a great opportunity for companies to display their new products, discuss features with farmers, and show off the product in action in a field or livestock demonstration. In fact, 78% of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show attendees visit the show to see new technology displayed.  Innovations are what keeps the agriculture industry moving forward- and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is where to learn about the latest products and see cutting edge technology in action.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is introducing a new program in 2018 to highlight new innovations that will be displayed at the show each year. The Innovations Showcase makes it easy for farmers to see what companies are displaying a new and innovative product at the show. Over 20 companies are debuting innovative products at the show this year in four categories: Agri-Business, Crop and Seed, Equipment and Livestock. The products promoted through this showcase have been evaluated by a committee to make sure that they are new, relevant to farmers, and truly innovative. Be sure to visit the companies at the Show who are highlighting innovations that could make a difference on your operation.

Find a list of products featured in the Innovations Showcase in the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Official Show Guide as well as the 2018 Pocket Program.  Follow along on the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Social Media accounts to see Innovations Showcase features!   

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