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Canada supports green infrastructure in Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario - The Government of Canada recognizes that strategic investments in green infrastructure play a key role in supporting dynamic communities while creating good jobs that help grow the middle class.
The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Vance Badawey, Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre and Chris Bittle, Member of Parliament for St. Catharines, reiterated the Government of Canada’s commitment for green infrastructure in Ontario.
Investing in green infrastructure is essential to building healthy communities, protecting our natural resources, and fighting the effects of climate change. Whether to improve our water and sewer systems, protect our local waterways or use innovative technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, green infrastructure projects are helping build sustainable communities across the country. In March 2018, the Governments of Canada and Ontario entered into an agreement that will see the federal government invest over $2.2 billion in green infrastructure projects across the province over ten years.
Many municipalities, including the Niagara Region, are looking ahead to the next decade and taking the necessary actions to ensure that residents can continue to enjoy clean, reliable drinking water.  This includes a new water treatment facility in South Niagara Falls that the regional government has long been planning and that will provide vital services and unlock economic potential in this growing community.
The Government of Canada wants municipalities across Canada and here in Ontario to thrive, so we will continue to work with all orders of government to achieve better conditions and economic growth that benefit each region.
Source : Government Of Canada