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Canadian Agricultural Employment: COVID-19 Response

Guelph, ON – How’s the Canadian agricultural industry reacting to COVID-19? Like other industries, social distancing, remote work, isolation, virtual meetings and new workplace precautions have become the norm. Over the past week, surveyed employees and candidates to discover how COVID-19 affected their employment. also surveyed employers about how they’re preparing their workforce for the situation.
Employees& Job Seekers
Reassuringly, 72% of employee respondents said COVID-19 had not changed their employment status. The remaining 28% of employees had experienced change, from reduction in hours (12%), to layoffs (5%), etc., while only 1% were dismissed from employment. Nearly half of respondents are now working from home due to COVID-19. Thirty-six percent of employees said their role requires them to be at work and they couldn’t conduct their job remotely.
Employees expressed concern that their employment could suffer due to COVID-19, but they were more concerned about the health of their employer/business. The pandemic is bringing new job seekers to the market; 30% said that since Coronavirus, they are now exploring job opportunities. This includes 20% who said they weren’t looking but are casually looking now to understand their options, and10% who weren’t looking, but are aggressively looking now to manage risk. 
Nearly half of employers had a COVID-19 business continuity plan in place to help reduce risks to the business. Eighty-five percent of employers said their organization could accommodate work from home/remote work in some or all employees. Fifteen percent said employees were unable to work remotely. Production and Manufacturers were less likely than Agribusinesses to say employees could work remotely.  
The most common way all ag employers are planning to provide coverage for sick or absent employees is to ask ‘well’ employees to cover. One-third of employers said they had no additional plans (were going without staff).
Recruiting and hiring hasn’t been halted by ag employers, as 69% of employers are continuing recruitment and hiring despite the pandemic. The majority of employers are keeping their recruitment activities the same as they planned/projected. continues to survey agricultural employees, candidates, and employers on the ever-changing nature of COVID-19’s impact on agriculture. will be identifying trends over time, highlighting key employer and job seeker concerns. Expect additional releases with updated data as it becomes available throughout the pandemic. For more information, view our Agricultural Employment’s COVID-19 Response article, or email 
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