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Canadians encouraged to send a postcard to PM to share support for aid

Overall goal of campaign is to increase Canada’s contribution to ending global hunger and poverty

Many Canadians who donate to help people around the world cite their thankfulness for living in Canada as their reason for giving back. They are glad to be able to help their far-away neighbours—and they want their country to do the same.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is launching a new campaign to encourage Canadians to let the Government of Canada know about their support for ending global hunger and extreme poverty.

Through the I Care postcard campaign, Canadians are encouraged to sign a postcard addressed to the Prime Minister, letting him know they care about Canada’s role in ending global hunger and poverty, and they support Canada contributing generously toward these goals.

“Canadian aid has transformed the lives of millions of people over the years. We know Canadians are proud of our impact, and care deeply about the importance of working together to build a better world,” says Foodgrains Bank executive director Jim Cornelius.

Canada’s aid as a percentage of its national income has been slowly declining. The decline comes despite continuing massive needs in the world, including millions of children dying from malnutrition each year, and over 800 million people going to bed hungry.

“It’s important we speak with a united voice, and let the Government of Canada know just how strongly we believe in Canada’s ability to be a force for good in the world,” says Cornelius.

Advocating for changes and improvements to public policies is one of the ways the Foodgrains Bank works to end hunger. Canadian citizens have an important role in influencing policy changes by voicing their support and encouragement to their elected officials.

Through its last postcard campaign, approximately 25,000 Canadians sent postcards to the Prime Minister, letting him know they believe Canada should be contributing more of its overall aid budget to agricultural development to help small-scale farmers.

“We learned from that campaign that without an overall increase to Canada’s aid budget, increased support for agriculture would be highly unlikely,” says Cornelius, noting that MPs weren’t convinced Canadians would support an increase to Canada’s aid budget.

“I hope many Canadians will take the opportunity to sign and send a postcard, and encourage their friends and neighbours to join them.”

“We’re excited to see what change we can accomplish when we work together.”

Source : Canadian Foodgrains Bank

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