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Canola Development Varies Across Alberta

The Alberta canola crop is in various stages across the province with some fields flowering while are others in the vegetative stage, the July 12 provincial crop report said. Development even varies within fields in some cases.

“This variability is driven by several factors, including select seed performance issues (which can delay the crop development), a cool and dry spring and pest problems, notably flea beetles and cutworms,” the report said.

Overall, the stage of development for various crops are marginally behind normal. Wheat is generally in good condition, but barley and oats are struggling in some fields, due to excess moisture, the report noted.

Compared to the last crop report on June 27, crop growing conditions in the province remain practically unchanged, with 75 per cent of crops rated in good to excellent condition, above the provincial 5-year average of 65 per cent and the 10-year average of 69 per cent. Regionally, crop growing conditions are currently the best in the north east region, while the lowest rating is reported in the southern region, the report said.

Precipitation has been highly variable throughout the province over the past two weeks. Many areas in the Peace Region and the south eastern parts of the province received less than 10 mm of rain, while in the central parts of the province precipitation was at least 40-50 mm, with many areas receiving more than 100 mm. The report noted some light to moderate hail damage was reported for different regions.

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