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Canola Harvest Nearing Completion

Manitoba farmers are nearing the end of their canola harvest.
"We are about 90 per cent done our canola harvest," said Justine Cornelsen, agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada. "Most producers are just waiting for ideal ground conditions to get back out into the field. We've got areas of snow cover and we've got some really wet areas across the province, which is obviously delaying production. I know many producers, now that it's freezing at night, are trying to get out first thing in the morning when the ground is solid to get out there and try to get that crop off, if it's not covered in snow."
Cornelsen says the quality of the canola is maintaining although prior green seed issues remain in some fields. She adds the standing crop is looking better that what was swathed due to the large amount of moisture that is causing some swaths to sprout.
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