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Carbon pipeline dreams still alive in South Dakota

Ever thought about how we can reduce carbon in the atmosphere? Companies like Navigator CO2 have some ideas, but they recently hit a small bump in South Dakota.

The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission didn’t greenlight Navigator’s construction permit this September. But Navigator's Elizabeth Burns-Thompson says, “We're still in this!” They're keenly waiting for the commission's written reasons before they decide their next moves.

Now, whispers in the wind say Navigator might be leaving South Dakota. But guess what? Burns-Thompson clarifies, “No official exit notices from our side!”
There’s this one story of Amy Solsma from Iowa. She got a text hinting the project might shut down. But she's got her guard up, saying, “I’m always wary about their moves.”

Imagine a $3 billion pipeline stretching 1,300 miles, carrying liquid carbon dioxide from ethanol plants all the way to Illinois and there's a cherry on top. The government gives companies a tax credit of $85 for every metric ton of carbon they store. It's all about fighting global warming.

But Navigator isn't alone. Another company, Summit Carbon Solutions, faced similar roadblocks. Yet, they're still in the race.

With all eyes on Iowa's upcoming decision, Navigator hopes for a green light by next fall. So, for all the green thumbs and carbon fighters, this story is just getting started.

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