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Cargill acquires fifth-generational family-owned grain company

By: Ainsley Andres

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Cargill is pleased to announce that it will be adding Owensboro Grain Company (OGC) to its North American agricultural supply chain business. 

OGC is a fifth-generation family-owned soybean processing facility located in Owensboro, Kentucky.

It was founded in 1906 and today operates as a fully integrated soy processing facility, producing soy products.

The addition of Owensboro Grain Company enhances Cargill's efforts to modernize and increase capacity across its North American oilseeds network to support growing demand for oilseeds driven by food, feed and renewable fuel markets.

Both companies have operational histories and share similar heritages as grain merchants, and values, including an unwavering commitment to prioritizing people.

"Cargill has the ability to capitalize on growing opportunities in the industry, such as renewable energy,” says Helen Cornell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the fifth-generation, family-owned soy processor.

“The acquisition will ensure that Owensboro Grain Company, its employees, farmers, customers and the community are best positioned for the future.”

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Source : Careers In Food

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