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Cattle Theft Reported In Moosomin Area

The public is asked to stay on the lookout after about 60 head of cattle disappeared.
RCMP say sometime between October and December of 2020, the animals went missing from multiple sections of land between Moosomin and Fairlight.
RCMP are looking for 35 cows and 28 calves, the cows were all branded with a bar over TE (Capital T E), the calves were not branded.
The 35 cows consisted of 22 black and white and 13 red cows.
The 28 calves have ear tags, the steer calves have green tags, and the heifer calves have yellow tags.
RCMP are working with Livestock Services and will know if any of these animals hit auction marts, or slaughter.
If anyone has any information related to this advisory please call 310-RCMP for immediate response, or you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).
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