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CCA Election Priorities

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) is welcoming all parties to consider the beef sector's policy priorities both for platform documents and if elected, inclusion in their governing mandate letters.

Climate Policy & Nature Based Solutions

Have the beef sector recognized as a key part of the solution in fighting climate change and maintaining biodiversity. Elevate the ability for farmers and ranchers to participate in and benefit from investments in natural climate solutions. Continue to push back against misguided climate policies while advancing the Canadian cattle industry’s tremendous environmental record.

Trade and Market Access

Increase the capacity and efficiency of beef trade potential. Continue to grow and improve access for Canadian beef in key markets (China, European Union, United Kingdom). Remove remaining BSE-era limits to regain market access.

Economic Resiliency

Enhance the economic resiliency and competitiveness of the Canadian beef industry. Ensure the long-term challenges of labour shortages are addressed.

Innovation and Research

Invest in strategic research and innovation adoption and uphold the Canadian cattle industry as the global model for sustainable beef production.

Animal Health

Strengthen Canada’s ability to respond and proactively address animal health and care and develop stable funding for national animal health surveillance.

Rural Communities

Build strong rural communities by investing in broadband internet access, rural mental health programming and in infrastructure and services that make rural Canada an attractive place to live and work.

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