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Century Farm and Ranch Award 125 Year Recognition Program

Farm families who have continuously owned and actively operated the same land for 125 years or more are encouraged to apply.
Since 2018, 38 farm families have been recognized with the Century Farm and Ranch 125 Year Recognition Award, with the oldest farms and ranches going back to 1885.
Burke Creek Ranch, located along the foothills in the MD of Ranchlands, received both the Century Farm and Ranch Award and the 125 Year Recognition in 2020.
‘Our history is extremely important to us and we are both proud and honoured to be the beneficiaries of that history,’ says Kim Wachtler, granddaughter of Frederick Burton who homesteaded the original quarter section in 1890.
‘It is difficult to comprehend what our pioneer ancestors went through to firmly establish a sustainable future for themselves and their family. They had no way of knowing that they were creating a legacy that would last for generations.’
Wachtler adds the family is honoured to have been able to continue not only the legacy and dreams of their ancestors, but also to be able to continue the tradition of preserving the land for future generations.
‘We take pride in our history of ranching practices that focus on sustainable land use and the ethical treatment of animals. Our ability to continue to provide nutritious, affordable and delicious food to the consumer is a testament to our forefathers' visions and perseverance.’
The prerequisite for the 125 Year Recognition is that the family has previously received the Century Farm and Ranch Award, and the family continues to own and operate the same land.
Find out more and apply for the Century Farm and Ranch Award.
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