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Challenging Spring For Canola Growers

It's been a tough spring for some Manitoba canola growers.
Angela Brackenreed is an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada.
"We were just so wet last fall and then as a result very, very wet this spring," she said. "When you're wet right to the top like that and essentially muddy, you don't get great field finish. You get some clumpy, kind of lumpiness. For those little canola seedlings it can be a challenge to get through that."
Brackenreed notes some farmers have had to reseed canola this spring.
"Evaluations are continuing with that reseed decision," she said. "We had a frost event here at the end of May that definitely was lethal on some of our canola crops and then unfortunately that was followed by this intense wind that we've had, high heat, lack of moisture in some areas."
Farmers are being encouraged to keep a close eye on cutworms and flea beetles.
"We know flea beetles are going to be there and like last year and the year before, they seem to be feeding quite aggressively in certain fields. Some of that is maybe seem to be more aggressive because of the abundance of striped flea beetles that we have and our main seed treatment insecticides that most of our canola uses is not as effective towards striped flea beetles as it is crucifer."
Brackenreed says now is an important time for the canola crop.
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