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Changes to AFSC’s insurance products for 2023

The changes include a move to monthly payments for Moisture Deficiency Insurance, an increase in the reseeding benefit compensation rate, the addition of bear predation (hive and bees) to the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, increased coverage for Straight Hail Insurance and the cancellation of Satellite Yield Insurance.

“Agriculture in Alberta is a multi-billion-dollar industry and one of the driving forces of our economy,” said Nate Horner, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation. “Producers need affordable and effective risk management options to give them peace of mind and support them as our agriculture sector grows and diversifies. These adjustments give producers more flexibility to react and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.”

“We are making these changes to ensure we continue to meet the needs of Alberta’s hardworking farmers and ranchers,” explained Darryl Kay, AFSC’s Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s enhancements ensure our programs reflect and respond to the risks faced by producers and give them the tools to respond to those risks.”

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