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China Temporarily Suspends Imports From Cargill

Cargill's Beef Packing Plant at High River, AB is one of a number of companies around the world that has had its exports temporarily suspended by China. 
China has put in similar rules for a number of other beef, pork and poultry operations around the world - including Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands, and Tyson's Foods poultry operation in the U.S.
An official from Cargill says they are still determining what it means and how they will proceed.
Daniel Sullivan, a spokesman for Cargill, says the plants' production capacity is not expected to change as a result. 
He notes the High River plant is now back at over 95 per cent production capacity.
"We recognize it is important for farmers and ranchers to have access to markets and are working to process cattle and honor our commitments to producers. I also want to be clear that we also stand strongly by our commitment to producing high-quality, safe beef out of our High River facility."
Cargill has taken significant action to protect employees and focus on food safety.
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