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Clubroot Management

Next, 2017 was a challenging year for crop producers. I recently caught up with John Mayko, a director with Alberta Canola Producers, to talk about clubroot, and the market for the canola that was harvested this past spring.
Interview with John Mayko (2:53 minutes) (1.32 Mb)
Source : Agriculture and Forestry

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Nikian Virtual Field Day

Video: Nikian Virtual Field Day

For 10 seasons, Niki Clark and Ian Curry have been cultivating paddy rice at NIKIAN Farm in Granville Beach, Nova Scotia. A highly adaptable and resilient crop, paddy rice is well suited for small acreages and gardens, and represents a healthful and ecological solution to community and family food security. In this video, Niki and Ian talk about the varieties they grow, take us through two kinds of harvesting, and introduce and demonstrate the equipment they use for harvest and processing of the crop.