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Collaboration the Key to New Pork Pact

A desire to build coalitions was the impetus for a recent agreement between Hendrix Genetics (Hypor) and German-based BHZP. Thursday, 21st November 2019, a contract was signed for the supply of boars from BHZP to Hendrix Genetics for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.
“The agreement is all about market concentration and collaboration,” says Nicolas Alvarez Hoggan, General Manager SW & CE Europe Swine for Hendrix Genetics.
This deal brings together two leading breeder organizations from the top pork producing countries in the EU to find synergy opportunities such as similar market demands. As part of the agreement, Hendrix Genetics will distribute the BHZP boar line to strategic customers in the Iberian Peninsula.
“It’s an arrangement that allows us to optimize our sow, the Hypor Libra* for lean meat export markets,” says Hoggan. 
For BHZP, it means expanded sales in key markets such as Spain and Portugal.
“BHZP occupies a leading position in Germany through top genetic products, our own insemination centers, a company-owned veterinary society and software products,” says Dr. Conrad Welp, General Manager BHZP. 
“Working with Hypor opens up international markets, as Hypor operates globally and has appropriate organizational and human resources structures in place.”
For customers, the deal brings the potential of lower costs and higher incomes to improve their bottom line through uniformity, greater end weights and improved meat quality.
As well, with the db77 boar from BHZP, customers receive a finished product that meets the highest standards in feed conversion, carcass criteria and meat quality.
“We can’t produce for every part of the market, so this deal is complementary to our own product portfolio,” says Jeroen van de Camp, Director - Global Operations & Services Swine for Hendrix Genetics.  Ultimately, the deal allows two companies to accomplish more together than they ever could alone, and they hope their clients will reap the rewards.  
BHZP GmbH (German Federal Hybrid Breeding Programme) with headquarters in Ellringen, Lower Saxony is one of Germany's largest pig breeding companies. Our breeding, AI and software divisions offer premium quality products, extensive industry expertise and diverse services. With more than 50 years’ experience in the pig breeding industry, the company is the German market leader in the AI boar sector.
“We are dynamic, hard-working and committed to investing in a successful, sustainable business ... but still not sufficiently on the radar of piglet producers, consultancy organizations and so on. Furthermore, the market is extremely competitive, says Dr. Conrad Welp, General Manager BHZP”
Source : Hypor