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Conditions for Farmers Better in 2020 than 2019

Many farmers in Alberta dealing with some wet conditions and as a result, their crops aren't maturing.  Some are wondering if its going to be a repeat of 2019. 
Jeff Nielsen, who farms near Olds, believes conditions this year are better than they were a year ago.  "There's a lot of challenges this spring, like a lot of crop that had to be harvested first.  I think the majority of people have got the crops in a good manner.  Unfortunately, the Peace Country has had some issues and continues to have some issues."
Nielsen notes that there has been quite a bit of rain and some hail.  "Not just rain but certain areas have had hail.  That's not good. It's kind of early for hail.  Some of those crops may come back but it would be later and that is the only challenge there and it puts you into a scary factor when it comes to fall."
Nielsen, who is the chair of the Grain Growers of Canada has been speaking with farmers that were hit with that significant hail earlier in June.  "The cereals will probably come back but it puts them four to five weeks behind schedule.  Some of the canola may have not got hit too much but what will come back there, will be behind schedule.  That puts you in to frost in September and just a very late harvest for those crops."
We are in the midst of hail season and it could continue throughout the summer, until September.  Hopefully Mother Nature gives farmers in our area a good chance to bring in high grade crops later in the fall.
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