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Corn Harvest Nearing Midway Mark

Manitoba's corn harvest is about halfway done.
The three-year average for this time of year is about 20 per cent.
Morgan Cott is an agronomist with the Manitoba Crop Alliance.
"I think that everything with corn harvest has been going quite smoothly," she said. "I haven't heard of too many glitches or any issues that guys are generally having especially with it being such an early harvest. It started early and I'm hoping it ends nice and early or in good timing, at least compared to last year."
Cott says the early corn was coming off dry, while the later stuff is a bit wetter. Yields are variable.
She notes many farmers have wrapped up their corn harvest and are making good progress with field work.
The Manitoba Crop Alliance is accepting entries for its corn yield competition. Those interested can contact Morgan for further details.
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