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Corn Silage Dry Down Update

Corn Silage Dry Down Update

By Dwane Miller

With the help of Extension Educators across the state, we will monitor moisture levels of various hybrids as producers ready for silage harvest. Measurements for the week of September 20 are reported in the table below.
*For those hybrids where moisture has decreased below optimum levels, sampling has stopped. All moisture levels were taken with a Koster tester.

CountyHybridMaturityPlanting DateMoisture % - 8/22Moisture % - 8/30Moisture % - 9/4Moisture % - 9/13Moisture % - 9/19
LancasterDekalb DKC 49-44995/18/2263%49%   
LancasterPioneer P11971115/18/2272%67%   
SchuylkillPioneer P08431085/11/2268%57%   
SchuylkillPioneer P05061055/12/2269%64%   
PotterPioneer P8034806/14/22 80% (8/27)80%70% (9/11) 
Potter 925/25/22 74% (8/27)75%70% (9/11) 
LancasterPioneer1116/9/22   68%63%
LancasterPioneer1036/20/22   75%68%

Optimal moisture content for silage harvest varies slightly based on the structure used for storage.  For maximum corn silage quality, use the following as a guide:

  • Horizontal silos: 65-70%
  • Tower silos: 63-68%
  • Oxygen-limiting silos: 55-60%
  • Bags: 65%

As individual hybrids dry down, silage moisture should be monitored to insure optimal moisture content during harvest.  To learn more about how to calculate your own moisture sample using a microwave oven, check out this video from Penn State Extension.

Stay tuned to Field Crop News for weekly updates on hybrids as they continue to dry down.

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