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Crop Pest Update


Insects: Grasshopper populations are quite variable, but continue to be a problem in some areas. Higher levels are occurring in pastures in some areas, as well as cereal crops. As some preferred hosts mature or are cut populations move around, and may move into other crops. Some grasshopper control in canola has been reported. Diamondback moth has been at economic levels in some canola fields in the Eastern and Interlake regions. Spider mites are starting to be noticed on some soybeans in the Interlake region.

Weeds: Combines are starting to roll across the province, for fields that have perennial weed issues preharvest control using a systemic herbicide is an option. For other fields where quicker weed and crop drydown is wanted to facilitate harvest and storage, desiccation may be desired. Grain from crops treated with preharvest products may have market access concerns, you need to consult all potential buyers before using any preharvest product. If using generic products refer to the specific label to determine if that product is registered for the crop you are spraying.

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