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CUSMA A Bright Spot For Agriculture In 2019

2019 was a challenging year for Agriculture but it wasn't all negative.
Todd Lewis, President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan says the U-S, Mexico, Canada Free Trade Agreement was signed by all three countries and ratified by the U-S House of Representatives.
“It seems like we’re in a changing environment now as far as trade. You know with the long-term agreements being suspect now and lots of troubles between some of our major trading partners. So, we want to see our federal government continue to work hard to make these relationships better.”
Lewis says the good news is that our Canadian products are something that the world wants; however trade was a key issue in 2019 for producers.
“The India situation, you know seems to be moderating a little bit, they talk about weather problems over there and maybe more of our pulse products going into India now because of their lack of production. You know the Canola situation, certainly isn't good but it's maybe not as bad as it could have been. We’ve had lots of demand as far as the domestic crush is concerned.”
He says the biggest problem is it’s affected our price.
“We are probably a dollar, dollar and a half or even $2 off per bushel as far as where the Canola pricing would be without these trade disruptions.”
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