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CWSHIN Set to Launch Two Targeted Emerging Issue Investigations

The Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network is launching new projects this month focussing on African Swine Fever preparedness and the control of Strep suis. The Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network has allocated resources to a new activity, “Targeted Emerging Issue Investigations” under which health issues flagged as new or important can be looked into in further detail.
CWSHIN Manager Dr. Jette Christensen says two projects are set to launch this month.
Clip-Dr. Jette Christensen-Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network:
One is on African Swine Fever risk analysis where we're trying to get some better knowledge on where would we see the first introduction of African Swine Fever in our region? Would that, for example, be in small holders in B.C., would it be wild pigs on the prairies or would it be commercial farms in Manitoba or other combinations of wild pigs, commercial or small holders and where in the region would that happen?
That project is going to start within the next could of weeks and we're really excited because the results from that should enable us to better allocate resources for African Swine Fever preparedness, specifically for figuring out what the next steps should be for African Swine Fever surveillance in in our region. The other one is that Streptococcus suis and streptococcus in general are very frequent organisms that we see at the laboratories.
We want to figure out what's going on. We want to figure out if there's better control methods that we can help the producers and the practitioners to control clinical disease, mortalities for step suis.
Source : Farmscape

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