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CYL program announces mentors for 2016-2017 youth mentorship program

he Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) Program is pleased to announce the mentors that have been selected for the 2016-2017 program. The CYL program looks forward to enriching the experiences of young cattlemen in Canada for the 6th year in a row.

The 2016-2027 CYL Mentors and Mentees are:

v  Hon. Ed Fast (Abbotsford, BC) and Ryan Scorgie (Kamloops, BC)

v  Jeff & Lyndsay Smith (Taber, AB) and Wilco van Meijl (Brandon, MB)

v  Graeme Finn (Madden, AB) and Mel Hermanson (Hussar, AB)

v  Marty Seymour (Regina, SK) and Roxanne Olynyk (Regina, SK)

v  Ryan Copithorne (Jumping Pound, AB) and Madelaine Knodel (Seven Persons, AB)

v  Ryder Lee (Regina, SK) and Jessica Sperber (Rimbey, AB)

v  Dr. Tom Smylie (Johnstown, Ont.) and Becky Tees (Cochrane, AB)

v  Ryan Kasko (Lethbridge, AB) and Jesse Williams (Hanna, AB)

v  Carol Kitchen (Calgary AB) and Kristy – Layne Carr (La Broquerie, MB)

v  Brenna Grant (Calgary, AB) and Mona Howe (Empress, AB)

v  Leighton Kolk (Iron Springs, AB) and Luke Marshall (Innisfail, AB)

v  John Sullivan (Dunlap, IA) and Katie Songer (Sylvan Lake, AB)

v  Darren Bevans (Raymond, AB) and Kylie McRae (Forget, SK)

v  Deborah Wilson, (Edmonton, AB) and Grayden Kay (Lloydminster, AB)

v  Matthew Heneliak (Norwich, Ont.) and Jason Hurst (Guelph, Ont)

v  Tim Hardman (Washington, D.C.) and Nicole Viste (Hanna, AB)

The CYL program would like to express thanks to the 2016-2017 selection committee.  The committee was made up this year of Dina Sutherland, Marty Seymour, Anne Brunet-Burgess, Cathy Sharp, Marvin Slingerland, Breanna Anderson and Jill Harvie.  The mentors and CYL mentees will be participating in orientation conference calls to brief them on the CYL program and expectations for the year.  The journey begins with mentors and mentees working to constructs road maps that outline activities and learning objectives for the year.

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