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Delmar Teams With New Soybean And Corn Partners

Ceres Global Ag Corp announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Delmar Commodities Ltd (based in Winkler), has entered into agreements with Sevita International Corporation and Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. to distribute corn and soybean seed products in Western Canada.
Delmar will also be rebranding its Legend Seeds Canada trade name to "Ceres Global Seeds" and will no longer be distributing Legend Seeds' corn or soybean products.
"By acquiring Delmar less than one year ago, and through the inclusion of its seed and processing division, we made significant progress on our goal to diversify into agriculture-related businesses in regions we know and understand well," said Robert Day, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ceres. "To enhance that diversification, we conducted a rigorous review to identify the best possible seed companies that will allow us to continue delivering superior value to our dealer network and their growers. Our team identified Sevita and Horizon as partners with high-quality products and a strong commitment to service, which is consistent with our corporate vision to be the most trusted and valued partner to quality-conscious customers."
Sevita is a Canadian-owned soybean company which commercializes high-performing genetics across all major trait platforms available in soybeans today including but not limited to Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, Enlist E3 and, Non-GMO Food Grade.
Horizon Seeds is a family seed corn business located in Courtland, Ontario that focuses on the commercialization of corn hybrids across Canada.
Ceres is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and together with its wholly-owned affiliates, operates 12 locations across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Minnesota.
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