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Arrowquip – cattle handling equipment

Arrowquip – cattle handling equipment

Easier, faster and safer livestock management solutions

Ryan Ridley

We caught up with Mark Firth, Regional Sales Manager at Arrowquip, at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show, to see what’s new in the cattle chute and equipment industry.

Founded in 1988, Arrowquip was created by the Firth family with a goal of making livestock management easier, faster and safer for ranchers.

“The company started in Australia in 1988 and came over to Canada back in 2008,” explained Firth. “Since then, [we have] developed products in the chute cattle handling industry and we [continue to] seek to improve and develop the product.”

Arrowquip has expanded across the world but remains family-owned as they seek “to influence the livestock handling industry globally through the practical application of animal science and welfare standards and increase producer safety and profitability with innovative equipment.”

At the show this year, Firth was eager to discuss the company’s new Q-Catch 74 Series.

“Here at the [National] Farm Machinery Show we’ve come out with our new 74 Series of products. It comes in a manual chute and a portable unit with chute, alley and tub,” he added.

The manual Q-Catch 74 Series Cattle Chute is available in two models: the Deluxe Vet, which is 58” wide by 95” high by 130” long and weighs 1900 pounds; and the Standard, which is 58” wide by 95” high by 105” long and weighs 1680 pounds.

Key features on this unit includes auto-locking mechanisms, complete top side access on the chute, rolling door, 3E head gate, new direct drive system, rump fingers and more.

The Q-Catch 74 Series Portable Squeeze Chute, Alley & Tub is the world’s most compact portable cattle handling system, weighing in at 4167 pounds with dimensions of 93” wide by 96” high by 404” long. The unit is rigged with two jacks, an adjustable hitch and features a collapsible design.



Arrowquip operates out of its headquarters in Woodlands, Manitoba. For more information on the company’s product offerings, visit:


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