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DLF Canada Releases New Leafy Full-Floury Corn Silage Hybrid


LINDSAY, ONTARIO – DLF Canada is excited to release its new corn hybrids for 2022 including one of the first leafy full-floury silage hybrids to hit the Canadian market.

“DLF is known for research and development of industry leading forage, turf and cover crop products. More recently though, growers are noticing our full lineup of hybrid corn that will compete with any of the major brands in the market today,” said Jon Gough, vice president and general manager, DLF Canada.

DLF’s new PS ExPect LFF RR is the only hybrid in its portfolio featuring the leafy full-floury trait, meaning it has 100 percent floury digestible starch. This, combined with the already high forage quality of standard leafy hybrids, will lead to increased production of milk or beef. It also has excellent emergence and seedling vigour, very good stalk and root strength, and very good stay-green going into fall, as well as a white cob colour for increased digestibility. The 2850 heat unit, 94 relative maturity hybrid prefers a seeding rate of 26,000 to 28,000 plants per acre due to its very tall plant height.

DLF Canada Silage Hybrids

DLF’s Canadian product development team has tested and marketed leafy and leafy floury corn silage hybrids to meet the agronomic and nutritional needs of the dairy and beef industry for over 35 years, selecting only the best hybrids based on reliability, consistency, and performance.

“Grain hybrids are typically selected based only on yield and maturity, however when choosing a corn silage hybrid, you should not only focus on yield and maturity but forage quality as well,” said Matt Anderson, head of product development, DLF North America. “Dual-purpose and BMR hybrids have a more modern grain type kernel with a more vitreous starch. Leafy and leafy floury corn silage products have a more floury kernel type, which leads to greater starch digestibility.”

DLF currently sources its genetics from five main genetic providers, testing experimental hybrids against its current product and competitor check varieties in all DLF’s replicated trials across Canada. DLF Canada’s hybrid corn seed production is currently produced in the Midwest U.S. on fully irrigated acres, ensuring reliable supply of certified seed.

“In independent provincial trials our corn lineup has proven to be one of the most consistent performers over the past decade, regularly out-performing competitors. With high performing products that fit across all maturities, growers can count on exceptional yield and standability,” said Gough. “For customers seeking options for silage, DLF possesses the largest portfolio of leafy hybrids in the market. Containing the latest trait packages, DLF hybrids give customers the protection they require against insect and pest infestation from planting through harvest.”

Source : DLF Pickseed

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