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Drone Use Popular In Agricultural Operations

More and more farmers and ranchers are starting to use drones in their operation.

Markus Weber, President of LandView Drones conducted a couple of Ag Drone Schools in Saskatchewan recently.

Weber says there’s a number of agriculture-related uses for drones from crop production and mapping fields to livestock.

“Rather than ride into a pasture and try to figure out where your cattle are, take the drone up to 300 feet and you can typically see them in two to three minutes and then you’re riding to that location. We’ve also seen some very unique cases, in feedlots, for example, their using thermal cameras or even visible spectrum cameras to do the count rather than moving cattle between pens. Some operations with Buffalo have used a drone to figure out which cows have calved.”

He notes all use for farms is considered commercial use so that puts them into a category where they need to understand all the different types of airspace so they can fly safely.

Source : Discoverestevan