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Earworm Counts On The Rise

Corn earworm trap counts rising in 6 counties. Fall armyworm spiking in Erie.

Adult corn earworm

Adult corn earworm

Corn earworm (CEW) counts in pheromone traps increased rapidly this past week.  Counts exceeded thresholds in Blair, Centre, Erie, Lancaster, Washington and York counties.  In most cases, this is the first week thresholds were exceeded.  This is the time of year for increases to occur.  Sites suggest either a 5-6 day interval, or a 4-5 day interval in Centre, Washington and York.

Fall armyworms (FAW) counts are had an enormous spike in Erie Co., which has a history of the highest FAW populations.  Corn in Erie and nearby counties is at risk of being infested.  All other parts of the state are showing low FAW counts.

European corn borer (ECB) counts are low and below threshold at all sites.

In summary, corn earworm pressure is increasing rapidly in many parts of the state.  Fall armyworm is spiking in Erie County.  Check traps carefully.

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