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Elevating Animal Welfare

Our unwavering commitment to animal welfare is not just a promise but a way of life. To uphold this pledge, we prioritize monthly Animal Welfare Seminars. These sessions ensure that our employees, who regularly care for and interact with pigs, are informed and passionate advocates.

“HyLife is a company of integrity that lives up to our core values,” shares Chris Neufeld, Animal Care and Biosecurity Coordinator HyLife.

The comprehensive seminars cover an array of topics, such as:

  • HyLife’s Animal Care and Biosecurity Policies: Understanding these policies is essential to providing top-notch care for our pigs.
  • Behavior-Based Animal Handling Techniques: Developing the necessary skills to work with and handle our animals using their natural behaviour.
  • Animal Wellness: Empowering our employees to be vigilant and take immediate action if they see any signs of concern.

Neufeld is a session leader and believes in the importance of continuous training

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