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Fall Cattle Run Off To A Slow Start

The fall cattle run is off to a slow start, with September numbers down all over the province.
That from Allan Munroe, owner of Killarney Auction Mart.
"All this rain did make the pasture better for the month of September up until we got all this snow," he said. "The cattle have not been a priority, they've had other things more important. Now all of sudden it's going to be the priority. We've got sails that are getting filled right up because people need to move them, there's not excess feed around."
Munroe commented on the weights they've been seeing so far.
"The weights have been pretty good, we had adequate pastures...they've gained well. Now we get into the time of year where they're going to maybe throw some hay bales out or do something because they can't get at the grass."
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