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Bourgault industries unveils two new products to its popular lines

Large volume air seeder and a 100 foot drill added to line-up

During the recent Farm Progress Show in Regina, Bourgault Industries released two new products to its line of farming equipment:  a new air seeder and a new hoe drill. Farmers in western Canada are very familiar with the complete line-up for Bourgault farm equipment, which includes air seeders, air drills, fertilizer application systems, grain carts, mid-row banders, tillage equipment, and harrows and packers.

Model 71300 Air Seeder
Bourgault’s new 71300 Air Seeder has a large volume capacity, holding 1300 bushels at base capacity and up to 1340 bushels when using the ideal Saddle Tank.  This is a 35% size increase when compared to the 7950 model! This new seeder is also highly advanced; hosting many features such as a Class “A” distribution system, Auto Section Control, and more. 



The 71300 Air Seeder has a IF850/75 R42 rear axle dual and IF710/70 R42 front axle duals.  The tire pressure can be set to 15 psi, providing low compaction which allows machine operators to use the seeder even when the fields are wet.  The entire seeder can be filled in 30 minutes or less with a belt conveyor that is 20 inches wide.  The 71300 has the same metering system as the rest of the 7000 series. 

3420 ParalinkTM Hoe Drill (QDA)
Bourgault has just announced its new 3420 ParalinkTM Hoe Drill, an impressive 100 foot drill that can fold up to be only about 18 feet wide with a 16 foot envelope; roughly as wide as a tractor.  Its unique fold design (the TransFoldTM system) was discovered by Terry Friggstad, who then teamed up with Bourgault to produce this high preforming machine.

The machine operator can use the X30 Apollo system to manage the TransFoldTM system and the four sets of back wheels.  The 3420 ParalinkTM Hoe Drill is great for helping to ease stress when transporting the machine from field to farm.  It can effectively handle narrow roadways, and with its 14 wheels is less likely to be victim to a soft shoulder on the road.  Additionally, being only about 16 feet high, the farm operator won’t have to worry about hurdles overhead.  This drill has comparable features to the 3320, such as the packer options, the opener, and more. 

For more information about these two products as well as other Bourgault products, visit

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