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Even Manure Spreading is Now Possible

Tubeline Manufacturing has introduced four models of its new Nitro Manure Spreader

One of the biggest challenges when spreading manure is the ability to spread the manure as evenly as possible. Tubeline Manufacturing has introduced four models of its new Nitro Manure Spreader. The Nitro Manure Spreader is truly revolutionary – the beginning of a new generation of manure spreaders that feature vertical beaters – which allow for a more even spread of manure.

This impressive new line up of manure spreaders from Tubeline Manufacturing features the following four models, designed to meet the needs of today’s farmer:

  • The Nitro 450 has a carrying capacity of 13 tons, a struck level of 316 cubic feet, and a heaped level of 453 cubic feet.
  • The Nitro 600 is slightly larger, with a carrying capacity of 17 tons, a struck level of 436 cubic feet, and a heaped level of 593 cubic feet.
  • The Nitro 750 boasts a carrying capacity of 20 tons, a struck level of 602 cubic feet, and a heaped level of 791 cubic feet.
  • The largest of the spreaders, the Nitro 950 has a carrying capacity of 25 tons, with a struck level of 740 cubic feet and a heaped level of 950 cubic feet.

Tubeline-Nitro-950The heavy duty apron chain system of these machines is designed to move heavy loads repeatedly, and the variable speed apron chain drive allows the load of manure to be spread at the right speed, regardless of the manure consistency. A standard on all Nitro models, the quick drop beaters can be removed in minutes, allowing the spreader to be converted into a rear discharge trailer for windrowing or stockpiling.

The side walls of the Nitro Manure Spreaders resist corrosion because the Nitro box is built with plastic boards and is secured with stainless steel hardware. The end gate of the spreader is a guillotine style gate that can be used to control the flow of different types and consistencies of manure. All of these features work together to ensure that farmers receive the best possible machine for efficiently and evenly spreading manure.

The four different models of the spreader also have optional LED lights and flashers that ensure transit safety for farmers when they have to road travel. The machines have optional hydraulic light covers that open and close in sequence with the end gate. This ensures that the lights are protected and covered while spreading manure, but available when on the road. There are also optional silage extensions for the Nitro 750 and 950 spreaders, allowing the product to easily double as a silage hauler.

All spreaders are available with either tandem or single axles and have grease banks for easy maintenance.

For more information about the four new models, or other Tubeline products, please visit

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