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Multi Shelter Solutions celebrates 10 years in Palmerston, Ontario

Solutions include everything from hay shelters to swimming pool enclosures

Multi Shelter Solutions is pleased to announce that they will be hosting an open house on Friday, May 29th to celebrate 10 years at their location in Palmerston, Ontario. They are inviting everybody to drop by the open house between 10am and 4pm on May 29th to check out the new building renovations, take a look at some new products, enjoy a BBQ, and enter into a draw for a chance to win prizes in a free draw!

Because it is a manufacturing facility, Multi-Shelter Solutions can not normally accommodate tours of the manufacturing facilities, so the open house is your chance to see the shelter process.

Multi Shelter Solutions originated in the Dundas, Ontario region, but moved to Palmerston 10 years ago.

With their 43 years of experience in the construction and shelter building fields, Multi Shelter Solutions offers creative and personalized shelters suited for anybody. When a customer is buying a shelter, Multi Shelter Solutions provides the opportunity to create the perfect shelter for their needs, by analyzing what the structure is going to be used for, as well as its future location.  This helps the company to find the most applicable solution for the customer’s needs.


Multi-Shelter Solutions offers a variety of standard shelters for purchase, everything from hay shelters to swimming pool enclosures.  These shelters can be ideal for various types of used-farm-equipment and agriculture related needs. In addition to hay shelters, their list of agriculture solutions includes the following:

  • Moveable Greenhouses
  • Mini Greenhouses
  • Large Greenhouses
  • Hanley Caterpillar Greenhouses
  • Livestock Shelters
  • Unique Use Shelters

Other shelter solutions include:

  • RV Shelters
  • Salt & Sand Storage
  • Small Storage & Garages
  • Large Storage Structures

For questions related to Multi-Shelter Solution products, or the company itself visit

For additional information about the open house, please visit

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