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Farm Family Coach Encourages Keeping Lines Of Communication Open

A farm family coach says during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 can a time where families can hunker down and examine what's important to them as a unit.

Elaine Froese says the first thing to do is look at how the situation is impacting the stress and emotion of the family. She says family is a huge foundation for the culture of the business.

With kids at home from school, Froese says this is a time to sit down and look at what you want as a family. "So what they believe, what their vision is for going forward, how they're behaving with each other. Are they taking out their stress in healthy ways are they taking...are they taking one day at a time. You know for sure that you need to take care of yourself to contribute. And you know that family needs to love and support each other."

Froese adds your role in the family, in terms of work and having farm, is also to make money and to be profitable. She encourages anyone who is being stressed financially to pick up the phone start having conversations with your lenders and creditors.

"Also look at your bank statements and get a really clear idea of what your family living is going to look like for the next six months to a year and what adjustments you can make to make those numbers align more clearly."

Froese says in addition to keeping communication lines open with family and creditors, it's also important to do the same with community. These days, she says there are many ways we can do that with technology. "Staying connected from a distance and seeing how you can care for each other is important."


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