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Farmer's Showing Interest In Natural Air Grain Drying

With the increased costs associated with the carbon tax more farmers are looking at other options like Natural Air Grain Drying. 
Crops Extension Specialist John Ippolito says last fall they had a number of questions on Natural Air Grain Drying. 
He notes they worked with PAMI on a project and they've put together a "Comprehensive Natural Air Grain Drying" Fact Sheet.
"It talks about the moisture temperature relationships for safe storage. Also covers how you determine what your airflow rates actually are, and this idea of capacity to dry and what kind of temperatures and humidity you actually need to dry grain."
He notes there's another fact sheet on Long Grain Bin Storage focuses on Grain Storage in bins that are 10,000 bushels or more.
"They have some challenges that may limit whether we can actually use them for Natural Air Grain Drying. So, it just talks about those challenges, about how much air we actually need to be moving through there, can we move that air through given the depth of grain in those bins."
He notes the release of the publication is timely as we approach harvest.
More information on grain drying can be found " on Saskatchewan's Ministry of Agriculture's website.
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